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Pile of books about the challenges of artists and freelancers

Finding inspiration: books about the challenges of artists and freelancers

I recommend eight books about the challenges that artists and creatives face in their daily work. Books about conquering self-doubt and procrastination.

Pile of books about concentration, productivity, and distraction

Beyond distraction: books about workflow, concentration, and productivity

I recommend books about the topic of productivity and working effectively as a knowledge worker. Books about building self-control and positive daily routines.

Stuart McMillen crowdfunding video wearing Akubra hat, holding money

Words of wisdom: my top 10 tips for planning a crowdfunding campaign

This is my Top 10 tips for cartoonists wanting to crowdfunding comics. These tips are drawn from my experiences holding three crowdfunding campaigns that have raised pledges totalling over A$43,000.

Screenshot of Stuart McMillen promoting 2018 crowdfunding campaign - Match Lab 2018 by Creative Partnerships Australia

Match Lab 2018: that’s a wrap!

I have just finished my Match Lab 2018 matched crowdfunding campaign. During the campaign, I recruited 101 extra supporters to my Patreon campaign, who are now pledging an additional US$1,762 per month. In this article, I recap everything that I achieved in the campaign.

Donald Bradman and Jesus Christ

Donald Bradman and Jesus Christ

What if Don Bradman's cricketing career was documented in the exact same way that Jesus Christ's career is documented?

Inconceivable Religion: cartoon Stuart standing near dinosaur skeleton

Inconceivable Religion: the making of Deprived of Religion

How would I explain my lack of faith to a friend who does believe in God? How would I explain that there is zero chance of me ever changing my mind? In this essay, I reflect on my new comic Deprived of Religion.

Budget: earning the median income as a self-employed comics artist

In this blog post, I describe the budget behind Beyond Average: my quest to earn the median Australian income from crowdfunding. I explain how my monthly crowdfunding goal of US $7,452 relates to the median Aussie income, and my expenses as a self-employed artist.

Stuart McMillen at Canberra Balloon Spectacular, holding banknotes in front of colourful hot air balloons

Matched crowdfunding drive 2018: multiply by 12!

Right now, I have an exciting fundraising opportunity: a government-backed matched crowdfunding drive. Any pledges made to my Patreon crowdfunding page before 31 May 2018 will be multiplied by 12 by Creative Partnerships Australia.

Stuart McMillen: cartoon comparison of a self-taught cartoonist.

Cartoon comparison: 2008 versus 2018

I am a self-taught cartoonist, who has gradually shaped my cartooning skills through practice and perseverence. This blog post compares an image that I drew in 2008 against a similar scene that I drew ten years later, in 2018.