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Stuart McMillen at Canberra Balloon Spectacular, holding banknotes in front of colourful hot air balloons

Matched crowdfunding drive 2018: multiply by 12!

Right now, I have an exciting fundraising opportunity: a government-backed matched crowdfunding drive. Any pledges made to my Patreon crowdfunding page before 31 May 2018 will be multiplied by 12 by Creative Partnerships Australia.

Stuart McMillen: cartoon comparison of a self-taught cartoonist.

Cartoon comparison: 2008 versus 2018

I am a self-taught cartoonist, who has gradually shaped my cartooning skills through practice and perseverence. This blog post compares an image that I drew in 2008 against a similar scene that I drew ten years later, in 2018.

Book spines: Alain de Botton "The Course of Love", Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki "This One Summer", Neil Strauss "The Truth"

Two years of reading (2015-17)

Every two years I publish a list of the books which I read during that period. Here is my 2015-17 list, featuring the reasons why "The Course of Love" by Alain de Botton was my favourite book from that period.

Stuart McMillen in green shirt, reading a book in the National Library of Australia

Ballot Box Comics 2017: winner and update

We have a winner! You voted "Notel" as your choice for Ballot Box Comics 2017. I share a video showing the research and brainstorming that I have done for this work-in-progress comic.

Stuart McMillen discussing Ballot Box Comics 2017

Ballot Box Comics 2017: have your say

Announcing my new initiative: Ballot Box Comics. I am giving you the chance to vote on which story I draw into a comic. My crowdfunding supporters can choose from three voting options.

Stuart McMillen working with Science Communication interns

Behind the Curtain: working with interns

For the next three months, I am working with two interns named Frank and Dee from ANU's science communication school. Here are our plans for the next 12 weeks.

Working music: Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II

‘Working music’ recommendations: music to work to

'Working music' helps a listener focus and concentrate on working, writing, or studying. This is a recommendations list of 26 albums of music to work to.

Music and sounds to work to: my productivity recommendations

A recommendations list of music and sounds to aid work and concentration. These sounds increase my productivity and focus when writing or studying.

Choosing an internet-blocked daily routine

I deliberately block myself from accessing the web during my workday. I have created this internet-free daily routine after struggling with procrastination.