For those who value my comics and want to support my work, there are three major ways that you can help:

Option 1: join my Patreon campaign

My primary way of supporting my arts practice is through my Patreon campaign. This campaign allows readers to support my comics through recurring donations. These pledges can be made in a currency of your choice, at a value of your choice, and can be freely cancelled at any stage. Certain membership levels give supporters access to exclusive rewards, such a limited-edition, hand-numbered, handwritten postcards.

I like the ongoing nature of Patreon pledges, as they help me to forecast the income that I can use to plan my future projects. All donations big and small, when combined with those from my other supporters, are the financial foundation that keep me drawing comics. Visit my Patreon page to learn more, and to make a pledge. My Patreon page.

Option 2: make a one off donation

For those who prefer to make one-off donations, I also accept donations via my FundRazr page. This page is nominally to support my current Town Without Television project. However, 100% of the money raised from that fundraising page go to support me and my work generally. Visit the FundRazr page and make a one-off donation.

Note, if you are an Australian citizen and are considering making a one-off donation of an amount greater than $250, I am able to provide you with a deductible gift recipient (DGR) for you to claim as a tax deduction on your ATO tax return. Please ask me about this before you make your donation, as I will need to provide you with a particular hyperlink to use when making your donation. Email me via my contact form so that we can arrange this.

Option 3: purchasing merchandise through my online store

Place an order through my online store for some greeting cards, postcards, and art prints featuring my artwork. Visit my online store now.