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White ibis flying near the National Carillon at Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra

Australian white ibis at the National Carillon, Canberra

My illustration of an Australian white ibis flying near the National Carillon on Lake Burley Griffin. Part of my Canberra Birds series, this blog post explains more information about the scene.

Drawing of crimson rosella flying over the Canberra skyline near the National Gallery

Crimson rosellas at the National Gallery of Australia Skyspace

My illustration of crimson rosellas flying near the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra. This blog post gives information about rosellas, as well as the NGA's James Turrell Skyspace art installation.

Cartoon Australian magpie drawn at the National Arboretum in Canberra, with a sunrise over Black Mountain

Australian magpie at the National Arboretum Canberra

An artwork from my Canberra Birds series, featuring an Australian magpie flying at sunrise near the National Arboretum Canberra. This blog post explains more about magpies, as well as the scene's location.

Patreon greeting card offer

FAQ about my new Patreon greeting card offer

Announcing a brand new offer: if you join my Patreon campaign pledging $15 per month or more, I will send you a pack of eight greeting cards. I explain this offer in full.

My new online shop: greeting cards, prints + more!

I have just launched an online store to sell greeting cards, postcards and art prints featuring my cartoon artwork. This blog post shows my first two illustrations that this merchandise will feature.

Two years of reading (2019-21)

Every two years I publish a list of the books which I read during that period. Here is my 2019-21 list, featuring "The Disaster Artist" by Greg Sestero as my favourite book from that period.

Tannis MacBeth and Stuart McMillen: Tannis MacBeth Memorial Fund

My amazing opportunity: the Tannis MacBeth Memorial Fund

I am launching the Tannis MacBeth Memorial Fund as a crowdfunding campaign to support my comic The Town Without Television.

Professor Tannis MacBeth Williams of University of British Columbia's Department of Psychology in her UBC office

Vale Tannis MacBeth, 1942-2021

I pay my respects to Professor Tannis MacBeth of the University of British Columbia (UBC), who died in 2021. Tannis was the academic whose work I profile in my comic The Town Without Television.

The Town Without Television houses

The Town Without Television

A classic study into the impact of television on a community. In 1973, researchers studied the last remaining Canadian town without TV reception, and ran ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiments. A comic about Professor Tannis MacBeth and her 'Notel experiment'.