FAQ about my new Patreon greeting card offer

FAQ about my new Patreon greeting card offer
November 2021
Patreon greeting card offer

Today I am announcing a new promotion aimed at encouraging new people to become my crowdfunding supporters on Patreon.

If you join my Patreon campaign pledging US$15 per month or more, I will immediately send you eight greeting cards featuring my artwork. Your bundle of greeting cards will include 4x cards with the design Rainbow-created cockatoo, and 4x cards with the design Girls collecting frogs. (Look closer at these designs in this recent blog post).

This offer is designed to be a win-win for both me and my supporters. My supporters get to receive some tangible products featuring my artwork, and I get an opportunity to build the supporter base of my Patreon campaign.

In my experience, the primary reason why people join my Patreon campaign is because they want to help me and my comics first and foremost. I expect that this will still remain the main motivation that inspires people to become my Patreon supporters. The greeting cards are simply an extra incentive to nudge people towards getting on board.

The income raised from my Patreon campaign will go to fund the ongoing creation of the social-commentary comics that I periodically publish to this website. By donating to this crowdfunding campaign, you are essentially giving me some of your time, so that I can do this ongoing work on your behalf.

Please join my Patreon campaign, at the US$15+ membership level, by following this hyperlink.

FAQs about this offer

Is this offer available to anyone in the world?

Yes. I will fund the cost of posting these parcels to people located anywhere in the world, for the same price.

Do you honour pledges equating to US$15 that are made in other currencies?

Yes. Equivalent pledges in other currencies that equate to US$15 will also be honoured. At the time of writing, this amount converts to A$20.75 (Australian dollars), C$19.05 (Canadian dollars), €13.35 (Euro), and £11.20 (United Kingdom). Use an online currency converter to learn the value in other currencies.

The Patreon website adjusts the currency depending on the country that you view the site from, so the rewards may already display in your local currency.

The safest bet is to use this hyperlink to join this specific ‘rewards tier’ that features the greeting cards as the designated ‘reward’.

How long do I have to be a Patreon supporter for, before you will send me the greeting cards? How long do I need to remain a supporter for?

After seeing that you have made a pledge at the appropriate value of US$15 or more, I will send you the greeting card bundle during the next business day.

From that point, there is no obligation to stay subscribed for any particular length of time. Of course, I hope that you do continue as my Patreon supporter!

The idea is that the greeting cards are a frontloaded reward for joining my Patreon, and the ongoing reward is the knowledge that you are helping to fund my work and helping me to sharing my thought-provoking comics with the world.

What if I want to continue receiving printed rewards from you on an ongoing basis?

I encourage you to join my ‘Postcard penpals’ membership level, which is US$20 per month and above. Supporters on this tier receive rewards such as handwritten postcards and blank greeting cards from me on an ongoing basis.

By joining on the ‘Postcard penpals’ membership level, you get the best of both worlds. I will immediately send you the 8-pack of greeting cards upon you joining my Patreon page. And I will periodically send you my handwritten postcards throughout the year, as your membership continues.

Why did you choose these two card designs?

My comics are known for delving into some of the darker aspects of our culture. Whether it is fossil fuel depletion in Peak Oil and Energy Slaves, drug addiction and rat experimentation in War on Drugs and Rat Park, or the injustice of hidden sweatshop supply chains in What the Dumbwaiter Hides.

People like these comics as thinkpieces, but my sense is that they wouldn’t necessarily want this sort of imagery on a greeting card that they were handing to someone on their birthday!

Because of this, I featured two of my illustrations that are colourful, and convey a sense of fun or wonder. Hopefully they will appeal to recipients of all ages, including those who have never read my comics before.

I am reading this blog post in the future. Is this offer still valid?

The offer is still valid if you are reading this sentence. If it ever changes, I will update this FAQ to reflect the end of the offer.