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High angle view of broadcast tower cartoon, sending television signals into the air 144 pages

The Town Without Television, Part 2: Unitel

How are children and adults impacted by watching television? This comic outlines the effects of television on individuals, as found by the Notel experiment from Canada in the 1970s.

Drawing of car driving on winding mountain road near road sign saying Notel 110 pages

The Town Without Television, Part 1: Notel

A classic study into the impact of television on a community. In 1973, researchers studied the last remaining Canadian town without TV reception, and ran ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiments.

18 pages

Doing It All Alone

Many successful people view other members of society as irrelevant to their own personal fortune. Those who "did it all themselves" overlook many important ingredients to their success.

What the Dumbwaiter Hides 55 pages

What the Dumbwaiter Hides

Thomas Jefferson invented the dumbwaiter to hide the slaves that he used to run his mansion. Today, we use the 'dumbwaiter' of globalisation to hide the dark parts of our supply chains.

56 pages

Who Owns the Million Dollar Baseball?

In 2004 the Boston Red Sox won the baseball World Series, breaking an 86-year drought. But controversy erupted when the player who caught the winning ball kept it as a personal souvenir. Comic about the winner-takes-all attitude of successful people who "did it all themselves".

Litter on a Stick: comic about billboards 20 pages

Litter on a Stick

Billboards have the aesthetic of litter on a stick. It is an inherently anti-social medium, designed to attract attention away from the cityscape. Billboards comic #3.

Tagging Public Spaces - thumbnail for comic about billboards 26 pages

Tagging Public Spaces

Billboard advertisers 'tag' our public spaces in the same way that graffiti artists 'tag' walls with their marks. Billboards comic #2.

14 pages

The Crudest Form of Advertising

Billboards are the crudest form of advertising possible. Billboard advertisers invade our fields of vision with unavoidable images for us to tolerate. Billboards comic #1.

Cartoon Stuart McMillen head, having mind blown. 13 pages

Deprived of Religion

It is inconceivable that I could ever become religious. Becoming religious would contradict principles that I value more highly.