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The Town Without Television, Part 1: Notel

The Town Without Television, Part 1

A classic study into the impact of television on a community. In 1973, researchers studied the last remaining Canadian town without TV reception, and ran ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiments.

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High angle view of broadcast tower cartoon, sending television signals into the air

The Town Without Television, Part 2: Unitel

The Town Without Television, Part 2

How does television impact the children and adults who watch it? This comic outlines the effects of television on individuals, as found by the Notel experiment from Canada in the 1970s.

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Drawing of a station wagon driving away down a winding mountain road through a forest.

About The Town Without Television

The Town Without Television is a non-fiction comic series by Stuart McMillen about the Notel experiment into the impact of television. This was a natural experiment conducted in Canada during the 1970s by Tannis MacBeth, a professor from the University of British Columbia’s Department of Psychology.

I am still sequentially publishing new comics in this Town Without Television series. To learn when my new comics are published, join my email newsletter.

I have written these comics so that they could potentially be compiled into a book. At this early stage, I haven’t yet actually gone to the trouble of finding an agent or publisher. So if you work for a book publisher, please get in touch so we can discuss publishing The Town Without Television as a book.

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You can directly support The Town Without Television by donating to the Tannis MacBeth Memorial Fund. Donations to this crowdfunding campaign will allow me to dedicate myself to completing this series. The ultimate aim of this project is for the work to be completed and published in time for what would have been Tannis MacBeth’s 80th birthday in October 2022.

This project is my attempt to memorialise the groundbreaking research of a trailblazing academic. I am an independent comics artist, and I am creating The Town Without Television as a labour of love. Well over 500 hours of time have gone into creating each of the comic’s first two parts, and I am currently creating Part 3. Please donate now to help me continue creating these unique and idiosyncratic comics.

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In addition to making one-off donations to the Tannis MacBeth Memorial Fund, readers can alternatively support my work through my Patreon campaign. Patreon allows readers to fund my work with a series of recurring monthly donations that can be cancelled at any time. Donations made through both of these avenues help to power my work as an independent comics artist.

Please donate to help this unique project, so that Tannis’ legacy can be kept alive and shared with a whole new audience of readers.

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