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Paper letters in a worm farm

Worm farms and identity theft

Concerned both about the environment and identity theft? Worm farms handle document destruction with a breeze.

Cartoon oily pelican with oil rig fire and smoke in background

The Problem comic – discussion

Earlier today I launched my latest cartoon "The Problem". It came after a period of writer's block, and features imagery inspired by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

One Punch Can Kill logo

One Punch Can Kill

I worked with designers Josephmark as a cartoonist for a Queensland Police 'One Punch Can Kill' animation contest.

Cartoon koala walking on two legs in hedge maze

‘Green Maze’ cartoon #1

I was commissioned to draw a comic about sustainability by Brisbane consultancy 'FWR Group'. This article discusses the creation of 'Green Maze'.

Rear of ship


'Steerage' is a term referring to passenger travel aboard freighter ships. It turns out there are still options available to hitch a ride on a freighter ship.

Sandinista! The Clash cropped.

Top 20 favourite albums

A list of my Top 20 favourite albums as per 2010. My list features three Aussie bands and one Kiwi band in the top five!

Crowd at TEDxBrisbane 2010

TEDxBrisbane – March 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to the first ever TEDxBrisbane event in March 2010. Read my thoughts on the event.

Green Drinks Brisbane

Green Drinks Brisbane: what it is not

In some ways it is easier to describe environmental networking event Green Drinks Brisbane by clarifying what it is not.

Green Drinks Brisbane

Green Drinks Brisbane: principles and practices

These are my personal extensions to the official 'Green Drinks code'. This is how I run my networking event Green Drinks Brisbane.