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Supernormal stimuli two creatures looking at each other with transparent heads, with brains showing through.

Supernormal Stimuli thoughts

Why are we drawn to excessively sweet and fatty foods? Why do we find it hard to pull our eyes away from the flicker of TV sets in waiting rooms and cafés? Why are we compelled to check and re-check our inboxes and Facebook pages throughout the day? These questions are answered in my new comic Supernormal Stimuli.

Ishmael title

Two years and one day of reading

Here is a list of the books I have read over the last two years. I'm trying to mix up my usual raft of environmental/sciencey/economic non-fiction. Newly in the mix are some classic fiction (e.g. Moby Dick, The Catcher in the Rye and Treasure Island), along with modern classics from the graphic novel stable (e.g. Maus, Blankets and Sin City).

Orange and blue: The Necks "Drive By" and Further's "Further!"

Top 10 Australian albums

Triple J is currently polling listeners for their "Hottest 100 Australian albums of all time". Here's what I voted for.

Cartoon man struggling to ride bike uphill

Creative thinking: the power of cartoons and games

A public presentation about how of cartoons and video games can be used to educate about sustainability and climate change.

4ZZZ 102.1FM sign

Green Drinks Brisbane interview on 4ZzZ radio

I was recently invited to do an interview about Green Drinks Brisbane on 4ZzZ's At the Local show. Hosted by Bernie Young and aired Saturday afternoons, At the Local focuses on events and community groups of interest to Brisbane residents.

Paper letters in a worm farm

Worm farms and identity theft

Concerned both about the environment and identity theft? Worm farms handle document destruction with a breeze.

Cartoon oily pelican with oil rig fire and smoke in background

The Problem comic – discussion

Earlier today I launched my latest cartoon "The Problem". It came after a period of writer's block, and features imagery inspired by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

One Punch Can Kill logo

One Punch Can Kill

I worked with designers Josephmark as a cartoonist for a Queensland Police 'One Punch Can Kill' animation contest.

Cartoon koala walking on two legs in hedge maze

‘Green Maze’ cartoon #1

I was commissioned to draw a comic about sustainability by Brisbane consultancy 'FWR Group'. This article discusses the creation of 'Green Maze'.