Two years and one day of reading

Two years and one day of reading
July 2011
Ishmael title

It’s been a while since I last published a list like this. Below is a list of the books I have read over the last two years. I’m trying to mix up my usual raft of environmental/sciencey/economic non-fiction. Newly in the mix are some classic fiction (e.g. Moby Dick, The Catcher in the Rye and Treasure Island), along with modern classics from the graphic novel stable (e.g. Maus, Blankets and Sin City).


Comedy / humour

Environment / sustainability / business


Science / psychology / social phenomena

Comics / graphic novel

Comics theory

Music / entertainment

Miscellaneous literature / non-fiction

There were a lot of great titles in that list, but the two that touched me most were Blankets (which I read in 2010) and Ishmael (which I read in 2011). Click those links for my full thoughts on those two books.