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Worm farm in backyard

Green tips #3: start a worm farm

Worm farms are an easy, environmentally friendly way to dispose of kitchen scraps and generate free fertiliser. Read how I got started.

Cartoon view of logged forest next to intact forest, with cockatoo bird watching

Part of Nature

Discusses the motivations behind environmental cartoon Part of Nature.

Cartoon of lamington drive at a coal power plant

Power plant lamington drive

Don't believe the crocodile tears of the coal industry crying poor. When was the last time you saw a coal plant having a lamington drive?

Mick Jones and Joe Strummer onstage with The Clash

The Clash

An interesting anecdote from about The Clash from 1978, taken from Pat Gilbert's excellent book "Passion Is a Fashion".

Solar panel array

Green tips #2: subscribe to GreenPower

GreenPower is an Australian opt-in scheme that allows customers to source their electricity from accredited renewable sources.

Photo of Rheem hot water system under house

Green tips #1: Adjust your hot water system thermostat

Most Australian houses have their hot water systems set too hot. Here is how I adjusted down my temperature and saved money.

“A Climate for Change” book review

Di Worrall's "A Climate for Change" may help readers embarking on personal projects of change, but as a whole falls short in its execution.

Upside-down bicycle on verandah

A pit stop for the Typhoon

How changing my old mountain bike tyres to slimline road tyres helped me gain an extra 5-10km/h cruising speed.

Blogging demotivational poster


Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.