Green Drinks Brisbane: what it is not

Green Drinks Brisbane: what it is not
February 2010
Green Drinks Brisbane

In some ways it may be easier to describe Green Drinks Brisbane by clarifying what it is not:

  • Green Drinks Brisbane is not a networking event. Sure, everyone is there to meet other people (and most people at the event seem to work/study in the ‘green collar’ spectrum of things), but the vibe is quite relaxed. ‘Networking’ definitely occurs at the event, but the mood is chilled, and people appear interested in holding genuine conversations with the others that they meet. I am thankful for this, as I loathe the sharky, self-interested vibe of certain ‘networking events’ that I have been to in the past. Participants of Green Drinks Brisbane face no risk of paper cuts from business cards being thrust into unsuspecting hands.
  • Green Drinks Brisbane is not a political gathering. Certainly, the politics of environmentalism and sustainability are discussed in various conversations across the night, but that is just part of the territory. The decentralised nature of the night means that the group will never come to broad consensus on anything, as there are always a dozen discussions occurring at once.
  • Green Drinks in itself will not solve our problems of sustainability. Green Drinks is about introducing people and starting conversations. Great things may come out of the relationships that form at Green Drinks, but they will not necessarily happen on the night. Green Drinks is simply a catalyst.

Green Drinks Brisbane October 2009 03 - me on the far right
Photo credit: Gordon Curtis

Green Drinks won’t provide the answer to our sustainability challenges, but it is a great place to start. I have great faith in the serendipity that can come from a critical mass of motivated people getting together in the one place. The number of times I have heard green drinkers say things like “oh, so you are interested in ……..? You should really talk to ……..” is amazing.

If you have any interest in environmentalism, sustainability or related areas, you owe it to yourself to be a part of Green Drinks. Check out the and search for your city. If your city is listed, join the mailing list. If your city is not listed, it is up to you to start your own event!