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Carrotmob purple logo

Green groups #1: Carrotmob

Carrotmob invites local businesses to compete with each other. Competing to win customers by pledging to increase their energy efficiency.

Green colour gradient

Green groups series: introduction

I am always pleasantly surprised by the nimble environmental enterprises and initiatives that pop up to fill a specific gap in society. 'Green groups' will be a blog series to feature initiatives which have caught my eye.

Solar thermal trough technology in desert

Solar thermal electricity

Solar thermal energy needs no fuel inputs and produce no pollution or emissions. Is this the ideal technology for Australian conditions?

Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan

100% renewables in 10 years

What would it take to transition Australia's electricity grid to 100% renewable energy in 10 years? Beyond Zero Emissions presents a plan.

Cartoon koala walking on two legs in hedge maze

‘Green Maze’ cartoon #1

I was commissioned to draw a comic about sustainability by Brisbane consultancy 'FWR Group'. This article discusses the creation of 'Green Maze'.

Rear of ship


'Steerage' is a term referring to passenger travel aboard freighter ships. It turns out there are still options available to hitch a ride on a freighter ship.

Sandinista! The Clash cropped.

Top 20 favourite albums

A list of my Top 20 favourite albums as per 2010. My list features three Aussie bands and one Kiwi band in the top five!

Closeup of plastic water bottle

Spin the bottle

Queensland Rail's bizarre greenwash campaign involving recycling timetables and buying bottled water. Which wingnut came up with this idea?

Crowd at TEDxBrisbane 2010

TEDxBrisbane – March 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to the first ever TEDxBrisbane event in March 2010. Read my thoughts on the event.