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Stuart McMillen website redesign comparison. Comparing 2012 versus 2017 era web design of website.

New website redesign! Jumping from 2012 to 2017

I am today relaunching this website, with a fresh new design! With this blog post I describe the redesign process, and the differences between the 2012-era website and the new 2017 version.

Cartoon illustration of tying up shoelaces

The limitations and merits of the World War II / climate change analogy

I used the World War II as an analogy for responding to climate change in my comic Hitler Denial. In this essay, I discuss the merits and limitations of this comparison.

Cartoon artwork of Adolf Hitler motorcade with swastika flags

The making of Hitler Denial: bypassing Climate Change 101

I describe the storytelling philosophy I employed in my comic Hitler Denial. The comic is about climate change, but I deliberately avoided getting bogged-down in 'Climate Change 101' debates.

Diagram of physics of self-airconditioning zero energy geodesic dome

Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes: the physics

I discuss the physics behind my comic about Buckminster Fuller's Chilling Domes. Is the phenomenon real? I outline the evidence for and against.

Australian postage stamps, featuring Australian animals on handwritten postcards

Patreon campaign: Postcard #1 and Video Q&A #1

I show and tell information about my first Patreon supporter postcard, and my first Patreon video Q&A session.

Photography of deer in parking garage ramp - cropped photo from George Monbiot's Feral cover

Two years of reading (2013-15)

Every two years I publish a list of the books which I read during that period. Here is my 2013-15 list, featuring the reasons why Feral by George Monbiot was my favourite book from that period.

Hand-drawn graph of Peak Oil graph on gridpaper with pen and protractor triangle

The making of Peak Oil #7: what I am most proud of

Peak Oil is the longest comic that I have published. It is 120 pages long, and took me over 12 months to create. I use this blog post to reflect upon the aspects of Peak Oil that I am most proud of.

View over the shoulder of a man working late into the night, illuminated by a desk lamp.

The making of Peak Oil #6: deliberate artistic decisions

I discuss the artistic decisions that I make when drawing my Peak Oil comic. I describe my philosophy about panel arrangement, page layout, and background art details. I also explain how I used the roller coaster as a way to stealthily educate readers using a 'graph that is not a graph'.

Blue sketchy linework. Draft cartoon artwork.

The making of Peak Oil #5: evolution of the artwork

Following on from my last blog post, I use Peak Oil as a test-case. I include 'before' and 'after' slideshows which demonstrate how the Peak Oil artwork evolved from drafts to final artwork.