Black and white alleyway scene, showing a downtown alley with dumpsters and boxes. Robbers are climbing a ladder to burgle an apartment, and a lonely homeless girl is sitting on the ground in the alleyway.
Cartoon streetscape via of a downtown city street in shopping district. Showing people walking down a busy street - black and white illustration.

In a sense, all of my comics are about human society in some way.

On the surface, my comics might often seem to be about reindeer on an island, or rats in cages, but I always choose scenarios that stand in for human society.

Social problems stem from the unintended consequences of our actions as individuals. They stem from the parts of ourselves that we neglect and ignore. When multiplied across millions of people, what we ignore as individuals become joint social problems.

Featured on this page are the comics that are most explicitly about the way that we conduct ourselves as a culture, as a civilisation, as a society.

Final page of Rat Park comic. Black and white illustration of man crossing the road in city, with homeless person in hoodie pushing a shopping cart.