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Composition and panel arrangement of Stuart McMillen billboards comic

Artwork analysis: my favourite page of comics art

I discuss the choices of panel arrangement and composition that help readers to interpret a favourite page of artwork from my comic Tagging Public Spaces.

Inconceivable Religion: cartoon Stuart standing near dinosaur skeleton

Inconceivable Religion: the making of Deprived of Religion

How would I explain my lack of faith to a friend who does believe in God? How would I explain that there is zero chance of me ever changing my mind? In this essay, I reflect on my new comic Deprived of Religion.

Stuart McMillen: cartoon comparison of a self-taught cartoonist.

Cartoon comparison: 2008 versus 2018

I am a self-taught cartoonist, who has gradually shaped my cartooning skills through practice and perseverence. This blog post compares an image that I drew in 2008 against a similar scene that I drew ten years later, in 2018.

Choosing an internet-blocked daily routine

I deliberately block myself from accessing the web during my workday. I have created this internet-free daily routine after struggling with procrastination.

Black and white Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime parody

Energy Slaves reflections: essays

I used the launch of my Energy Slaves comic as an opportunity to publish essays about my on energy. This post lists the 7 essays accompanying this comic.

Young couple wasting energy in household, sitting on couch using notebook computers.

All part of the problem: our collective wastes of energy

It is easy to single out certain people for wasting energy. This essay discusses how we are all part of the problem. We all waste energy on a large scale. Essay 7 / 7.

Drawing of young tourist taking selfie with selfie stick.

Living within limits: low-energy lifestyles

Our lifestyles require vast amounts of energy. Will we be able to transition to low-energy alternatives that provide similar levels of happiness and satisfaction? Essay 6 / 7.

View over shoulder of man looking towards city on horizon

Powered by energy: the many layers of civilisation

Our civilisation has many layers, including industry, education, and healthcare. These layers are only possible because of fossil fuel energy surpluses. Essay 5 / 7.

Cartoon cross-section comparison of shallow oil well, versus deep oil rig in ocean.

Diminishing returns: understanding ‘net energy’ and ‘EROEI’

At the heart of my Energy Slaves comic is the concept 'EROEI' (energy returned on energy invested) a.k.a. 'net energy'. I explain this concept using the analogy of an apple orchard. Essay 4 / 7.