High angle view of city skyscrapers aerial view, with eucalyptus trees growing in between. Black and white cartoon of urban nature. Highly detailed technical illustrations
Cartoon image of family posing for a group photo in a carkpark of national park.

Environmental issues were the main motivation for me becoming a cartoonist, and self-publishing comics from 2008 onwards.

During that time, I was learning about climate change, ecology, fossil fuel depletion, and many other interrelated topics. I felt that comics could be an engaging communication medium that had an untapped potential for conveying ideas to readers.

I hoped that my comics could educate people about sustainability, and then inspire them to change their attitudes and behaviours.

The environment continues to be a recurring theme of my comics, and ecosystem-scale thinking informs my broader mindset as a person.

Be sure to also see the comics in my ‘energy’ category, which should also be of interest to environmentally-minded readers.

Featured below are some of my favourite comics about ecological and environmental issues.

Cartoon desolate arctice island with reindeer skulls and grey clouds.