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Human brain on table next to microscope illustration

Supernormal Stimuli reflections: the ‘making of’

This is a reflective essay about my comic Supernormal Stimuli. The comic is about the work of ethologist Niko Tinbergen, and was inspired by reading a book by psychologist Deirdre Barrett. I discuss where my dinosaur 'reptile brain' artwork concept came from.

Cartoon man walking through wheat field cartoon illustration

Purpose reflections: the ‘making of’

This is a reflective essay about my comic Purpose. The comic was hugely influenced by the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. This essay shares the headspace I was in when writing Purpose.

St Matthew Island reindeer in foreground, with human visitors in the background

St Matthew Island reflections: the ‘making of’

This is a reflective essay about my comic St Matthew Island, which is one of the most popular items on this website. This essay describes my research process, including the real life story of St Matthew Island's reindeer.

Amusing Ourselves to Death title card image of comic

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Released to the web in 2009, my comic Amusing Ourselves to Death was the most popular thing on my website, and a mini internet phenomenon. So how come I decided to remove this comic from my website?

Supernormal stimuli two creatures looking at each other with transparent heads, with brains showing through.

Supernormal Stimuli thoughts

Why are we drawn to excessively sweet and fatty foods? Why do we find it hard to pull our eyes away from the flicker of TV sets in waiting rooms and cafés? Why are we compelled to check and re-check our inboxes and Facebook pages throughout the day? These questions are answered in my new comic Supernormal Stimuli.

Cartoon view of logged forest next to intact forest, with cockatoo bird watching

Part of Nature

Discusses the motivations behind environmental cartoon Part of Nature.