Energy Slaves reflections: essays

Energy Slaves reflections: essays
June 2017
Black and white Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime parody

Just as a sunken ship provides the opportunity for a coral reef to form, I used the launch of my Energy Slaves comic as an opportunity to create a host of essays about my thoughts on energy.

Energy Slaves is a thoughtful comic that weaves together multiple topics. I discuss environmental and civilisational issues involving energy consumption. I examine these issues both from both personal and societal levels.

After I completed and published the 84-page comic, I took time to ask myself “what does it all mean?”. This led to a 6,500 word essay, which I have split up into seven blog posts – each with plenty of artwork. The essays each cover distinct topics, but could easily be read as one flowing thread.

Listed below are the seven articles:

By the way, this is in a similar vein to the multiple Making of Peak Oil essays that I released in conjunction with my Peak Oil comic. Consider reading both comics—as well as their related essays—together.