Top 10

Are you a new reader? Here is a crash-course into the best of my comics. These are the things I am personally most proud of.

May 2013
A classic experiment into drug addiction science. Would rats choose to take drugs if given a stimulating environment and social company?
May 2018
Growing up in regional Australia in the 1990s, I adopted the casual racism of the schoolyard. As an adult, I had to educate myself out of these racist attitudes.
May 2021
A classic study into the impact of television on a community. In 1973, researchers studied the last remaining Canadian town without TV reception, and ran ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiments. A comic about Professor Tannis MacBeth and her 'Notel experiment'.
February 2011
What happens when you introduce 29 reindeer to an isolated island of untouched natural resources?
October 2012
The uncanny parallels between alcohol Prohibition and the 'war on drugs'.
May 2017
How many invisible "energy slave" workers does it take to fuel our modern lifestyles? A comic about Buckminster Fuller and fossil fuels.
February 2016
A classic behavioural psychology experiment. In the 1970s, researchers took eight strangers and shut them inside a dark room for an hour. What happened next?
May 2015
Roughly half of the world’s entire oil supply is gone; half is left. How will our society choose to use the oil that remains? Comic about M. King Hubbert and his 'peak oil' theory of fossil fuel depletion.
February 2020
I was interviewed about Buckminster Fuller for the podcast Utopian Horizons. In the podcast interview, I discussed the life and legacy of Bucky Fuller.
May 2013
Here's the deal: I'm 27 years old, which means I have been alive on this planet for 10,000 days. During that time, I used alcohol on about 1,500 days. Additionally, I used caffeine (from tea) about 1,500 times. Also during that time, I used ‘magic’ mushrooms 7 times, cannabis 4 times, MDMA 3 times, and LSD 1 time.