Top 10

Are you a new reader? Here is a crash-course into the best of my comics. These are the things I am personally most proud of.

This Top 10 list will be updated as time goes on. Want to see previous versions of this list? Try’s snapshots.

Name Type Year Description


War on Drugs



This was a deliberate attempt to help people see the “drug problem” from a different perspective.

I deliberately wrote this comic in a way that would encourage readers to think for themselves. The questions on the final page must be answered by each reader individually.


Rat Park



This is my most popular comic, which has done several circuits of the web in the last three years. It is a 40-page summary of the infamous Rat Park addiction experiments.

I am proud of the way I brought the experiments to life, being careful not to overstep the bounds of the scientific research.


Peak Oil



With a length of 120 pages, this is the most ambitious comic I have created so far. I tackled my largest, and most poorly understood topic to date. This is a taste of the work that will be showcased in my debut graphic novel Thermoeconomics (to be released in 2017).


Deviance in the Dark



This my summary of a 1972 psychological experiment whereby eight strangers were placed in a pitch-black room for 60 minutes. How would these strangers interact with their room-mates?

Deviance‘s style is similar to my successful Rat Park comic. Readers of Rat Park seemed to appreciate the way that I showed the experimental design and scientific method of the experiments, rather than simply reporting the results.


Hitler Denial



A comic I drew in the lead-up to the important 2015 Paris climate summit. Released during a time when meaningful action to stop climate change seems inconceiveable.

I highlighted that in 1938, global action to stop Nazi Germany was also inconceivable. The world was in Hitler denial. Yet, suddenly the denial ended, and the world began working to stop Hitler.


St Matthew Island



This was an enormous storytelling turning-point for me. It was a departure from the style of my earlier comics (2008-11), which were quite preachy and propaganda-like

This time, with St Matthew Island, I simply laid out the bare historical facts, and let the reader interpret the underlying ‘meaning’ for themselves. It is an engagingly successful technique that I have employed ever since.


Breaking the Silence on Responsible Drug Use



I wanted this essay to explain my motivation behind writing War on Drugs and Rat Park. But I also wanted it to stand on its own as a provocative essay

I am also proud of the three other articles which accompanied the launch of Rat Park. They offer great insight into my working methods, as well as the true story of the Rat Park experiments.


Type III



This remains a personal favourite of mine, because Type III industrial systems are something that our planet desperately needs. I remain hugely influenced by books like Natural Capitalism, Biomimicry and The Ecology of Commerce.

Despite my feelings, this comic never found a large readership. Perhaps because it lacked a main ‘character’ to tie the story together?


Supernormal Stimuli



Like St Matthew Island that preceded it, this comic was another stepping stone in my storytelling technique. Rather than talking generally about concepts, I decided to get specific, and use Niko Tinbergen as a recurring ‘character’ throughout the story.

If I were to draw it again, I would probably greatly expand the six examples which I crammed onto page 14. Still, I think that readers get a reasonable insight into the human implications with the current version.


Science, Cartoons and Politics: Communicating Big Ideas



I appeared on a panel with two other Canberra cartoonists. We discussed our techniques for communicating science with cartoons and comics.

This is an 80 minute long recording, which includes a 10 minute presentation by me, beginning at the 28:36 mark.

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