Grants / Funding

Cartoonists need to eat too. My comics have been funded by the following arts grants and funding opportunities.

Group Type Dates Amount Details
10 Patreon crowdfunding Crowdfunding campaign 2015-present A$27,000+ A recurring crowdfunding campaign that allows readers to support my work via automatic monthly payments via Patreon.
This is the primary way that I earn income from my readers, and I encourage you to get involved. Watch my 3 minute crowdfunding pitch via
As of July 2018, I have raised a grand total of over US$20,000 (A$27,000) through this campaign.
9 artsACT Arts grant 2018 A$4,950 'Arts Activities - Up to $5k' grant: funding me to illustrate three instalments of Twenty-Five Arguments Against Billboards, a series of comics about the detrimental impact of billboard advertising on public places.
8 The Green Institute Arts grant 2018 $1,055 Arts grant to fund one month's work illustrating Twenty-Five Arguments Against Billboards, which is campaigning to Keep Canberra Ad Free and to reduce the amount of outdoor advertising in Australia.
7 Creative Partnerships Australia Matched funding contribution 2018 A$10,000 A Match Lab crowdfunding campaign, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the Australian Government agency Creative Partnerships Australia. One of 25 projects chosen for this opportunity.
I successfully recruited an additional 101 patrons, who pledged an extra US$1,762 per month, on top of my pre-existing base. See this blog post for more info.
6 Creative Partnerships Australia Matched funding contribution 2016 A$10,000 This is the matched funding contribution from the Australian Government agency Creative Partnerships Australia. This payment recognised the success of my Thermoeconomics campaign (see below). One of 43 projects chosen for this MATCH 2016 opportunity.
5 Australian Cultural Fund Crowdfunding campaign 2016 A$10,098 Thermoeconomics: I successfully raised A$10,000 from my readers to storyboard and draw my Thermoeconomics comics. See my campaign page.
4 Australia Council for the Arts Arts grant + mentorship 2014 A$9,720 12 month ‘JUMP mentorship‘ program with First Dog on the Moon. One of 40 mentee/mentor relationships accepted into program. Funding preliminary storyboards/artwork of Thermoeconomics.
3 artsACT Arts grant 2014 A$9,720 Project Funding grant: preliminary storyboards/artwork of Thermoeconomics.
2 Pozible crowdfunding Crowdfunding campaign 2012 A$6,050 Crowdfunding the creation of my comic Rat Park via Pozible. See: my lessons learnt from this crowdfunding experience.
1 Australian Government Incentive grant 2011-12 A$15,500 12 month New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program aimed at assisting new Australian business ventures.

As mentioned, the primary way that earn income from my readers is via my ongoing Patreon campaign

The primary way that I earn income from commercial clients is via commissions and licenses to repulish my artwork for their purposes.

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