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War on Drugs cartoon thumbnail image. Two men in shady alleyway. 28 pages

War on Drugs

The uncanny parallels between alcohol Prohibition and the 'war on drugs'.

Black and white cartoon of an industrial factory, with a face on the front. 25 pages


To what extent do metaphors shape and distort our understanding of reality? Co-written with Nick Barter.

Black and white cartoon of forest of trees growing upwards. Black arrows showing growth direction. 28 pages

Thin Air

Trees build themselves from the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen of thin air. Can we learn to copy their engineering secrets?

24 pages

Type III

What does the Mount St. Helens ecosystem have in common with the human industrial system?

Grey cartoon image of velociraptor head, showing cross-section of 'reptile brain'. Compared with human brain size. 20 pages

Supernormal Stimuli

A reptile brain sits deep within us. How much of our behaviour comes from primal instinct?

14 pages


Humanity's attitude toward nature. How did we get here? Where can we go from here?

Cartoon artwork of reindeer skull drawn in greyscale, with reindeer in background 8 pages

St Matthew Island

What happens when you introduce 29 reindeer to an isolated island of untouched natural resources?

Cartoon factories with pollution and dollar signs. 8 pages

Green Tax Shift

We need a "green tax shift". We should replace our current taxes with 'green taxes' on particular bad activities like environmental pollution.

Drawing of Queensland high school building 4 pages


As adults, we are no longer set a curriculum or forced to learn anything. It is so easy to stall without the rituals of an active school education. We need to challenge ourselves.