High angle drawing of cartoon dinosaur skeleton, with museum patrons standing beneath looking up.
Cartoon illustration of Stuart McMillen looking towards horizon across cityscape

All of my comics reflect the way I see the world. Often this is expressed indirectly, using historical figures or historical events to allude to my worldview.

Othertimes, I am more direct about the personal philosophy that sits behind my comics. I use my comics as a communication tool to explain the way I think, and the way I behave. For these comics, I draw a ‘cartoon Stuart’ to stand-in for myself in the artwork of the comic.

I also express myself, and my personal philosophy through essays and videos. I enjoy expressing my views through provocative, and clearly-worded pieces that allow others to understand the logic that informs my thinking.

This page features examples of pieces where my personal philosophy sits in the front and centre.

Cartoon image of young boys using a 1990s era computer, with Australian Nineties posters on the wall for Spiderbait's