Patreon campaign: Postcard #1 and Video Q&A #1

Patreon campaign: Postcard #1 and Video Q&A #1
August 2015
Australian postage stamps, featuring Australian animals on handwritten postcards

As I mentioned recently, I have a recurring monthly crowdfunding campaign via

This is a quick update: I have delivered on the first 2 rewards for my subscribers of the campaign

Patreon postcard #1

I sent postcard #1 in July. Only 46 limited edition, hand-numbered postcards were sent. The artwork is the page 20-21 double-page spread from my comic Peak Oil.

Here is a look:

Stuart McMillen Patreon postcard #1: Peak Oil design.

As you can see the Australian recipients were treated to four lovely stamps, featuring Australian wildlife.

Unfortunately, international recipients received a stamp with a human being on it. I feel so very embarrassed that Australia Post feels like Royal Family stamps are the best way to represent Australia to overseas mail recipients in the 21st century…

2015 Australian wildlife stamps, and Queen Elizabeth II

Patreon video Q&A #1

At the same time that I was recording the promo video that appears at the end of my Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes comic, I also shot my first ever video Q&A.

I had previously invited my Patreon supporters to send my questions about me or my comics that they wanted answered. I chose the 10 best questions, and filmed my responses in July 2015. The video was shot on the picturesque Kurilpa Bridge in Brisbane, which is near the Gallery of Modern Art. The Kurilpa Bridge was constructed partly using Buckminster Fuller’s tensegrity engineering princples, so it was a relevant place to shoot my first video Q&A. Throughout the shoot, I moved around, highlighting different views of the bridge.

Stuart McMillen Patreon video Q&A #1: Kurilpa Bridge, 2015

The entire video Q&A lasts 48 minutes, and I tried to answer the questions as fully as I could.

The only way that you can see this video Q&A is by becoming my crowdfunding supporter via

A call for new Patreon supporters

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