Crowdfunding: your generosity needed to fund my next comic.

Crowdfunding: your generosity needed to fund my next comic.
October 2012
Maus parody - Rat Park

Loyal readers: I have a big favour to ask…

Researching, writing and drawing my comics take a lot of time. For example, War on Drugs took me over 250 hours to produce.

My comics are a labour of love. I love creating them; you love reading them. But financial realities (paying the bills) have so far kept me from making my website comics my #1 priority.

That’s where you come in.

For the first time, I’m asking for your help to fund fresh content for my website: specifically, a comic I want to release in December 2012 called Rat Park.

The comic you will fund: Rat Park

Stylistically and thematically, Rat Park will be a mix between St Matthew Island, Supernormal Stimuli and War on Drugs. It is a story I have researched, but have not yet been able to write or draw (beyond one teaser image for this blog post).

Rat Park comic teaser by Stuart McMillen. Maus Art Spiegelman.

Supporters will be informed about the progress of Rat Park, including sneaky previews of the artwork and storyline. As the project is funded by public support, I will do my best to keep readers updated (without ruining too much of the ‘magic’!)

Rewards for investing

There are stacks of rewards for the supporters who invest in the project. Comics. Hand-written postcards. Greeting cards, T-shirts. Posters. Wall prints.

I have tried hard to create a range of rewards, so there are valuable goodies to send to supporters of all budgets. I hope to be busy writing postcards, and licking Aussie stamps to send the rewards to you all!

These items will only be on sale for the 30 days of the project. After that, they will become unavailable.

If I don’t meet the AUD $6,000 target needed to fund the comic, the project does not succeed. No credit cards get charged, none of the rewards get made, and the comic does not get made.

Independent cartoonist, independent voice

Your investment will directly fund me as an independent, global voice. It will help to ensure that you, and everyone else on the internet, benefits from the continued creation of my thought-provoking comics.

Sincere thanks,

Stuart McMillen
Brisbane, Australia

PS: Since you’re here, reading this right now, you might as well make a pledge before you forget! And I’d appreciate it if you could share the Pozible project with anyone who might be interested in my work.

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