I’m Stuart McMillen, and I draw long-form comics inspired by social issues involving science, ecology, sustainability, psychology and economics.

Born in Bundaberg in 1985, I now live in Canberra, Australia. I draw thoughtful comics about issues that are important to me, and am totally funded by readers like you.

I am currently drawing a 400 page comic book, entitled Thermoeconomics. It will feature four of my heroes of post-growth, post-fossil fuel economics. The four scientists that will be profiled are M. King Hubbert [in the comic Peak Oil], Buckminster Fuller, Simon Kuznets and Herman Daly. The book, which I describe in this video, will be published in 2016.

New readers: where to begin?

You probably came here through one particular comic that you enjoyed. Well, there is plenty more reading to do!

If you are a new reader, see my ‘Top 10‘ list of my personal favourite comics. It is a good “where to begin?” resource for newcomers.

Language translations of my comics

My comics are currently translated into 9 languages, including French, German and Spanish. Use the ‘language flag’ in the top-right to switch languages. ()

Please contact me if you want to help by volunteering as a language translator. Either by adding a new language, or by filling the gaps in my translated archives. Additional proof-readers are always welcome for each language.

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