Memberships / Roles

I belong to these community groups and professional associations via memberships.

In some cases, I have gone beyond merely being a member, and I volunteer on the groups’ organising committees.

Group Website Dates Role description
9 Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres 2017-present 2018-present: Studio resident.
2018-2019: Board member.
2017-2018: Coworking member.
8 Australian Cartoonists’ Association 2014-present
7 Australian Science Communicators 2014-present 2015-present: ASC ACT Branch treasurer.
6 Entry 29 coworking space (archived) 2016-2017 2016-2017: Coworking member.
2017: Board observer (non-voting board member)
5 Green Drinks Brisbane 2009-2012 2009-2012: Organiser, coordinator, founder.
4 Green Drinks Canberra 2013-present 2013-present: Organiser, coordinator, event host.
3 NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts) 2022-present
2 Sunday Assembly Canberra (archived) 2015-2017 2016-2017: Organising committee member, event host.
1 The Illuminati Membership application pending.

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