Green Drinks logos

Green Drinks logos
March 2013

*Technically*, these Green Drinks logos weren’t commissioned. I simply drew them from my own initiative in my spare time. Nevertheless, I am featuring them here on the ‘commissions‘ part of my website.

Green Drinks Brisbane

First up is the logo for Green Drinks Brisbane, the event I founded and organised between 2009 and 2012. My logo for Green Drinks Brisbane was drawn quickly onto paper using pen and ink in 2009. Having previously attended a few horrible ‘corporate’-feeling networking events, I wanted the cartoon and handwriting of the logo to set a friendly tone for Green Drinks Brisbane.

At the time I drew the logo, compact fluorescent light bulbs were an icon of environmentally-friendly behaviours. There was a large initiative to replace incandescent bulbs with the more energy-efficient CFLs. It is interesting to reflect on the logo four years later (in 2013, as I am writing this essay). Today, CFLs are seen as the old technology, which are themselves being replaced by LED bulbs.

Green Drinks Brisbane logo. Cartoon green beer with light bulb drawing.

Green Drinks Canberra

I have organised Green Drinks Canberra since I moved to town in 2013. The event itself had existed for the previous decade, but by 2013 the event had become dormant, and I had to revive the concept from a mailing list of mostly-dead email addresses.

My Green Drinks Canberra logo features the Black Mountain Tower as a swizzle stick in a green-coloured cocktail. Black Mountain Tower is second only to Parliament House as an icon of Canberra’s skyline, and so makes a distinctive addiction to the Green Drinks Canberra logo.

This time I included the event’s URL in the logo itself. I also created a tagline, to give people a quick idea of the event’s purpose:

Green Drinks Canberra: Inclusive. Informal. Freeform. Friendly. Monthly. Networking.

Green Drinks Canberra logo. Cartoon green cocktail drawing.

For more information about the “Green Drinks” concept, see my blog posts on the topic, or the website.