My comics are a labour of love. I draw about the topics that are important to me, and then publish the comics to my website for free viewing.

To replay me for your free reading experience, please use one of these methods:

Pay it forward

I have an ongoing crowdfunding campaign via This allows readers to set up an automatic recurring monthly payment. I use this money to fund my constant creation of comics for this website.

In exchange for their financial support, I thank my Patreon funders with rewards such as online Q&A sessions, and handwritten postcards featuring my artwork.

Please visit my Patreon page at

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Pay it back

As well as the Patreon crowdfunding option, you can repay me for your favourite comics from my back-catalogue.

Pay it back option 1: Purchase eReader-friendly PDF comics

All of my comics are available to download as DRM-free PDFs. These are high-quality files, wrapped in a ZIP file featuring U.S. and British English versions, as well as ‘single page’ and ‘double page’ versions.

Each comic has a ‘purchase’ link immediately after the final page. Here are quick ‘add to cart’ links:
St Matthew Island ($2), Purpose ($2), Supernormal Stimuli ($2), Type III ($2), Thin Air ($2), Metaphors ($0.50), War on Drugs ($2), Rat Park ($2), Jimi Hendrix vs your climate-denying uncle ($2), Peak Oil ($5), Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes ($2), Hitler Denial ($2), Deviance in the Dark ($2).

My shopping cart accepts credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. Choose the relevant option during checkout.

Note: all of my comics’ prices are editable. You can manually increase the ‘price’ of the comics, to donate an extra tip!


Pay it back option 2: Donate to me

You can donate money to me via credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

Occasionally, generous individuals donate me $10, $20, $50, even $100! It is people like them who keep me fed and focused on upcoming projects.

All of my comics feature ‘editable’ prices. You can use this feature as a way of donating to me.

Choose your favourite comic(s) and add your ‘tip’/donation amount on top of that price. e.g. change the “$2.00” asking price to “$4.00”.

By ‘voting’ through this checkout process, I get a sense of what my readers’ favourite comics are!

Additionally, my Bitcoin shopping cart automatically accepts payments are that are above the specified amount. e.g. if the checkout asks for 0.007272 BTC, and you want to send me 0.008 BTC, I will fully receive the surplus.

If you want to arrange a very big donation, email me, and we can discuss the logistics of bank transfers into my Australian bank account (avoiding PayPal/credit card fees).