Zero Carbon Australia 2020 – electricity

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 – electricity
June 2010
Spain solar thermal plant

I have written about it before, but just wanted to shine some extra attention towards the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan. They have been getting a stack of media attention lately, as they are gearing up for the release of the full report on 14 July. A 16 page synopsis is newly available here, which is quite readable, even for non-experts like me.

Again, it is great to see such a credible, researched plan to show a path away from our current fossil fuel dependency. To quote from the report, “100% renewable electricity supply is achievable using technology that is commercially available today, with no technical barriers to their deployment. Implementing the proposed infrastructure in ten years is well within the capability of Australia’s existing industrial capacity. The required investment is the equivalent of a stimulus to the economy of 3% of GDP.

Remember that this report just covers stationary energy (electricity and gas for heating). Upcoming Zero Carbon Australia reports will be published in the areas of:

  • transport
  • land use
  • buildings
  • industrial processes
  • replacing coal export revenue

Can’t wait. For now, let’s spread the word on this proposal.