Cat Found poster

Cat Found poster
February 2012
Wombat photo on noticeboard

I recently visited my local university and saw an interesting sign posted on the Earth Sciences notice board…

Poster with heading 'Cat Found', but with photo of a wombat. Joke sign.

This one really tickled my funny bone. What a great way to brighten up other people’s day with pure humour. Hats off to the sign’s creator! (PS: the phone number is one digit short of being a legitimate number).

(Incidentally, the same notice board had an earnest sign from a person interested in overturning our understanding of the laws of physics…)

It was a real kick to see the ‘Cat Found’ sign on the uni notice board. Although I only spent half a minute reading it, the ripples spread in my mind. I spent the rest of the day thinking about possible ways I could anonymously pump good vibes into the public sphere…

A little creativity goes a long way.

edit: I see that this is borrowing from an old idea relating to possums/opossums. I’m still amused though!