A pit stop for the Typhoon

A pit stop for the Typhoon
August 2009
Upside-down bicycle on verandah

I am a regular commuter cyclist, but have long been aware that I am riding a bike that is below par. A recent tyre puncture made me think about changing my old, knobbly mountain bike tyres across to slimline road tyres. Here’s a photo of the deadly ‘Typhoon’ in the process of having the tyres swapped across:

Repco Typhoon bike upside down with treaded mountain bike tyre and slick road tyre

Midway through the refit

The effect of changing tyres is immediately noticeable! The rolling resistance between my bike and the road has been dramatically reduced, and I’m sure I am easily picking up an extra 5-10km/h speed just cruising along the road. Although I have now swapped both tyres across to the thin road tyres, I took the bike for a quick spin the way it appears in the photo (front tyre chunky, back tyre thin), and the difference was noticeable, even with a half-job on the mechanics front!

My Repco bike is one that I would still like to upgrade, but it is great to share the improvement that a small amount of investment can have on the riding experience.