Stuart McMillen: cartoon comparison of a self-taught cartoonist.

Cartoon comparison: 2008 versus 2018

I am a self-taught cartoonist, who has gradually shaped my cartooning skills through practice and perseverence. This blog post compares an image that I drew in 2008 against a similar scene that I drew ten years later, in 2018.

Stuart McMillen holding microphone performing stand up comedy

Sustainable Stand Up 2017

In August 2017, I joined a group of ten comedy novices for a National Science Week experiment. After a month of coaching, we each performed a 5-minute comedy set based on our personal convictions.

22 pages


In 1973, researchers visited the last remaining Canadian town without TV reception.

Cartoon childhood Stuart McMillen at 1990s computer with silverchair frogstomp poster in background. 15 pages

First Got the Internet

In my Nineties kid childhood, internet access was a scarcity. Today, the internet is ubiquitous and is a major distraction.

Book spines: Alain de Botton "The Course of Love", Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki "This One Summer", Neil Strauss "The Truth"

Two years of reading (2015-17)

Every two years I publish a list of the books which I read during that period. Here is my 2015-17 list, featuring the reasons why "The Course of Love" by Alain de Botton was my favourite book from that period.

Stuart McMillen in green shirt, reading a book in the National Library of Australia

Ballot Box Comics 2017: winner and update

We have a winner! You voted "Notel" as your choice for Ballot Box Comics 2017. I share a video showing the research and brainstorming that I have done for this work-in-progress comic.

Stuart McMillen discussing Ballot Box Comics 2017

Ballot Box Comics 2017: have your say

Announcing my new initiative: Ballot Box Comics. I am giving you the chance to vote on which story I draw into a comic. My crowdfunding supporters can choose from three voting options.

Stuart McMillen working with Science Communication interns

Behind the Curtain: working with interns

For the next three months, I am working with two interns named Frank and Dee from ANU's science communication school. Here are our plans for the next 12 weeks.

Cartoon guy popping head out of grave, with hand on edge of hole. 17 pages

Defending Dumbphones

I don't own a smartphone, and still choose to use a 'dumbphone'. By doing this, I intentionally limit the time that I am connected to the internet.